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Subject: family debt - part 12Sorry for the delay on this one.Part TwelveAt Home:"Hey, everybody," Slutfucker typed. "We've got Cockwhore
Junior on the line here.""We've heard a bit about you, Junior," someone else put.
"But not as much as we have about your mum and sister.
And we haven't seen what you look like, though we've seen
plenty of pictures of those two cum sluts."Steve licked his lips. "I fingered my mum's hairy cunt
last night," he typed."Did you now?" Slutfucker typed. "Tell us all about it,
Junior. And turn on your cam while you're about it so we
can get a good look at you."Without thinking, he logged in the cam that sat on top of
the computer."Very nice," Slutfucker commented. "Very pretty. You
naked, Junior?""No, not quite," he replied."So stand up and let us have a peek."Nervously he stood, revealing his slim young body and
then Dawn's panties cupping his balls. His now erect cock
poking over the top."The apple hasn't fallen far from the tree there,"
someone typed."No," agreed Slutfucker. "He's the image of his sissy
daddy. We've got a new pansy to play with, fellas. Fresh
meat."Steve sat down abruptly. "I'm not like that," he typed."Yes, you are, ls models lolita board bitch," Slutfucker replied. ls models lolita board "And you're
ours. Tell us how you felt up your mummy's cunt, and then
we'll play with you a while."Steve pushed the mouse cursor up to the exit button, and
then hesitated. He wasn't like that, he knew it. But he
was feeling some very strange things at the way
Slutfucker was treating him, and his cock was hard as
rockTaking his hand off the mouse, he started to type.At the gymn:The sweat was pouring off Claire, making the too-small
leotard even more clingy and transparent. Samantha had
insisted she go on one strenuous piece of equipment after
the other without a break, and by the time she had
completed an hour of heavy work-out she felt she might as
well not wearing anything at all. And it had been
noticed, and she had noted the notice with a perverse
sort of pride underlying the extreme humiliation she had
felt throughout. Most of the women she knew here had been
cutting her dead as she had made the circuit, but a few,
surprising some of them, had actually shown more interest
in her than usual. The interest of the men, shy lolita top sites though, had
been constant and increasingly not hidden from her.
Samantha had moved amongst them as they watched her, a
word here and a word there. Her words had often been met
with laughter, a sly sexual kind of laughter that had
Claire blushing to the roots of her hair.When Samantha had finally allowed her to stop, she
figured she might as well have been wearing nothing at
all the leotard was so tight and see-through. Walking out
towards the changing rooms she felt every eye on her,
taking in every revealing glimpse. Some watched
disgusted, and her stomach churned at the thought of many
of those being people who knew her. Others, the interest
was very different. She reached back to try to pull the
thin strand of material from out of her crack to try
vainly to cover more of her arse cheeks, but realised
that was only bringing attention to it.She had almost reached the safety of the changing room
door when a figure reared up in front of her. She
recognised Amanda, leading light of Claire's free lolita nude cgiworld bridge and
amateur dramatic clubs. Large and overbearing, Amanda was
a woman in her late sixties whose word was law in
Claire's social circle."You are full of surprises, Claire," Amanda said coldly,
looking her up and down."I'm sorry, Amanda," Claire blurted out. "It's my
sister's. Mine was.was.was in the wash."Amanda glanced over Claire's shoulder at Samantha, and
gave her a brief nod, "Indeed" she said. "Looks like that
one will need a wash too after you get it off. It's quite
drenched. Particularly down below, but I do believe that
isn't all perspiration."She bent over slightly and reached down to smooth the
sodden material of the leotard where it had ridden up
around her crotch. Claire felt a finger brushing her
pussy lips under the material."Give me a ring later," Amanda said, straightening. "here
we all were thinking you were so strait-laced, but
obviously not."Amanda left them, and Claire looked back to see her
sister grinning."You're not the only one full of surprises," Samantha
said. "Who would have thought it?"They continued on into the changing room and Claire
stopped short at the door at the sight that met here
eyes. Kay was on the bench, naked from the waist down,
with Dawn on her knees between her legs. Her face was
buried in Kay's crotch.Kay looked up at her and smiled lazily. "Your lovely
daughter is obliging me by giving my cunt a good licking,
Claire," she said. "She's not bad. Come and have a closer
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